Are birthmarks a threat to your health?

Are birthmarks a threat to your health?

Out of all the organs that are present in the human body, the skin is by far the largest. For this reason, it is prone to the appearance or development of various irregularities, one of which is birthmarks. These are discolored surfaces, and they usually appear at birth or shortly after anywhere on the skin. The main cause for the appearance of such discolorations is the abnormal growth of blood vessels, melanocytes, or keratinocytes.

Is it a health threat?

Although birthmarks are not really a cause for concern, they could be annoying especially if they are large and they show on the face or other parts of the body which are visible to the public. There are many beautiful women out there who are not confident about themselves due to they have birthmarks on their private parts.


Aside from the dark skin tone on the anal region, they also have to worry about getting rid of a birthmark which can reduce self-esteem, particularly when females are wearing their bikinis. As such, Caspah Intimate Lightening Serum can be used to resolve the issue. This product can definitely lighten the skin surrounding your privates and can also help fade away birthmarks and other blemishes.

The different types of birthmark

Salmon Patch

This is also known as Stork Bite, Macular Stain, or Angel Kiss. Its main cause is the overgrowth of blood vessels and could appear on 1 out of 2 babies. You can usually see them appear on the eyelids, neck, forehead as well as on the back of the head. According to health professionals, this type of a birthmark is harmless and it should fade away after a few years.

Strawberry Hemangioma

As the name suggests, this type looks like a strawberry as they are raised above the skin. They can also develop anywhere on the body but are most likely to disappear within the first seven years of a child. Again, this birthmark has proven to be safe thus treatment is not needed.


Cavernous Hemangioma

This birthmark is quite similar to Strawberry Hemangioma except that, it is a lot deeper and it usually comes with a bluish discoloration. It may shrink after some time. However, if it is located near the eyes, nose, or mouth, it should be removed especially if it interferes with the sight, breathing, or feeding of an individual. It could be removed through the use of laser treatment, but there are also medications that can be taken to shrink it.

Other types of birthmarks include Port Wine, Venous malformations, Mongolian spots, Pigment Nevis, and Nevus Sebaceous. In general, they are not a threat to your health. But in case you have any one of these in your anal region, you can fade them away when you perform the anal bleaching procedure.